Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Things You Need To Know About Dental Filling

One of the most effective ways to restore the functionality and shape of a tooth is to fill the tooth. The dental filling is associated with the removal and clearing of decayed tooth area and then filling of tooth using a filling material.

By filling your teeth, you do not only close the painful opening but you also close the way for passage of bacteria and other germs which can spread dental infections. The materials which are used in filling of the teeth include gold, porcelain, composite resin, and amalgam, which is usually a combination of numerous metals including silver, mercury, copper and other metals.

Which one is the best type of dental filling?
There is no one type of dental fillings that can be declared best. The reason is that people have different requirements. What may work for a person may not work for another. Occurrence of allergies to certain materials is the major reason for the failure of dental filling. Having that said, it is worth mentioning some types of dental fillings.

  1. If you are intending to get a gold filling, you may have to wait as this filling is prepared on order. Good thing about gold inlays is that these inlays are tolerated well by the gums. And a typical gold filling usually lasts for 20 years. Hence, majority of dentists consider gold dental filling as the best dental filling option. However, this filling option is quite expensive.
  2. Another type is the amalgam filling. This filling material mainly includes silver combined with other materials. Although this filling is inexpensive, it has amazing capability to remain intact without getting worn out. However, the color of this filling can be prominent enough to affect your smile.
  3. Composite (plastic) resin is another type of dental filling that you can use in order to cover the cracks or cavities in your teeth. This material is usually comprised of plastic mixed with other materials. The dentist would try to make this filling of the same color as that of your remaining teeth but this material can get stained due to the use of coffee and other staining foods.
  4. The last one to mention is the porcelain. In order to get porcelain inlays, you will need to wait for the material prepared for you in a way just like gold filling. Its price is also similar to that of gold.

Remember, tooth filling is recommended when there is a damage of mild level. For advanced tooth damage, you may need crowning. Treatments like root canal therapy are also followed by dental filling on order to restore the teeth.

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